Spectamur Agendo Foundation

Since 2001, the Spectemur Agendo Foundation has brought you live music at Thumpty Mansion, bringing QN5, The Goop, Joppa, and more to a house that has hosted shows by the Rolling Stones, Benny Goodman, Soulive, Cunninlynguists, among many others.

Other than music, SAF promotes sustainability. This effort started only recently with the attempt to obtain stimulus money for the installation of a geo-thermal heating/cooling system in the Thumpty Mansion. Thumpty and SAF have also put forth efforts to make the running and maintenance of the Thumpty Mansion more Earth friendly. For example, the house light bulbs have all been replaced with more energy efficient versions, the installation of a compost box, institution of a recycling policy, and a vegetable garden.

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Past Events

Memphis Sessions
The Memphis Sessions recording was on 15 November 2008. SAF and Thumpty hosted the first professional record production at 800 University Avenue, Ithaca — when Memphis Sessions (a.k.a. Ithaca R&B Allstars) created a record of live performance with Grammy-winning record producer and audio engineer Randy Wine.

This was an educational event intended for anyone interested in music: The recording sessions was preceded by a lecture by Mr. Wine on the particulars of record production. The Memphis Sessions album was produced months later with the help of Brad Bershad, a brother at Thumpty.
Date: 15 November 2008

Location: 800 University Ave., Ithaca, NY