Thumpty Rush

Spring 2016 Rush Week Schedule

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Q:How much does it cost to be in Thumpty?


A:It is relatively inexpensive. For less than the cost of Cornell’s dorms you can live in a gorgeous mansion with a personal chef. Check out the table below to compare Cornell’s prices to ours. NOTE: All prices are per semester, and all Thumpty charges can be applied through the Cornell Bursar, which means that financial aid is applicable to these charges.

Thanks to the strong support of our alumni, we are able to offer several scholarships each semester. For this upcoming semester we will offer:

(6) $500 scholarships

(1) $1000 scholarship


Thumpty by the numbers


Cornell Dorms

Brother living in

Brother living out



$4590 – Single

$4055 – Double

$3730 - Triple

$3300 - Single

$375 – Parlor Fee






Meal Plan (Optional)


$2570 – 10 meals/week

$1500 – Lunch & dinner, Sun-Thu

$1500 – Lunch & dinner, Sun-Thu

Parking (Optional)










 Brotherhood Dues





$7649 including meal plan and parking

$6000 including meal plan and parking

$2925 including meal plan and parking

During their first semester at the house, new members must pay for social ($600), dinner ($1000) and initiation fees ($375). New members can also buy lunch for ($500).


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