Spring 2016 President's Message

Spring 2016

As the new President of Theta Delta Chi Beta charge at Cornell University I have the distinct honor and privilege of welcoming you all back to school to begin another wonderful semester together in the new year. Our calendar for this upco  ming semester is already beginning to fill as we come up with some new ideas for social, cultural, and philanthropic events that we can host together as brothers. For those of you wishing to stay informed, please visit Thumpty Music and Spectemur Agendo which will be regularly updated to showcase all of our upcoming events.

As excited as I am to begin a new semester and another exciting year at Theta Delta Chi, I would also like to briefly recognize and congratulate not only my predecessor Patrick Alderson but also the entire brotherhood for their incredible work in 2015. Together we put on some fantastic and successful events that rallied the brotherhood as well as the Cornell student body together for some good causes. Our partnership with Autism allowed us to raise awareness at Cornell through a concert event and an awareness campaign which set up purple lights on the exterior of the house as a reminder to anyone passing down University Avenue. We managed to run a very successful blood drive organized by our brothers in partnership with sisters from Phi Mu. I personally was very proud to see the amount of brothers willing to donate their time and volunteer for such noble causes. As well as public events like these, we also held some events just for the education and betterment of brothers at Theta Delta Chi. An educational seminar held at the house where student activists led an open and informed discussion on racism and tolerance helped to build character, empathy, and a more informed view of the world for myself and many other brothers who participated. These events and others like them are what bring our brotherhood together and help to make Cornell Campus a more thoughtful and wonderful place for all. The hard work of the brotherhood during this past year was shown not only through the time they volunteered to these events, but also the academic rigor they demonstrated in bringing up our academic standing amongst fraternities at Cornell by leaps and bounds, a feat I am tremendously proud of.

Finally, I would like to thank all of our alumni for their continued support. It is this support that keeps the Old Lady standing and allows us to host such wonderful events throughout the year. I thank you not only for your support and guidance, but also for reaffirming my belief that Thumpty is more than just a place to live for a couple years during college. Being a brother of Theta Delta Chi is an experience which has the potential to dramatically affect and change every one of us, making us into better and more thoughtful people. I know I am very grateful for the effect this brotherhood has had on my life in only the short time I have been here, and I am sure our alumni who have been out of college for many years yet still give back do so because Thumpty has in some way affected them as well in a way which they still remember and are thankful for.

Of course as always I would invite any friends, family, alumni, or even some new faces to visit the house in the coming year. I hope 2016 will be as successful and joyful as 2015 and all of the previous years before it.


Joey Moramarco

President, 2016

Spring 2015 President's Message

Spring 2015 Welcome

As we enter our 145th year of continuous operation at Cornell University, it is my pleasure to welcome all to the beginning of a new semester. I hope that everyone had a relaxing holiday, and is ready to start the year refreshed. The upcoming semester is shaping up to be a busy one for the brothers of Theta Delta Chi. In addition to holding Rush Week, we plan on hosting a diverse array of philanthropic, educational, cultural, and social programs. Feel free to visit Thumpty Music and Spectemur Agendo to stay connected to the happenings at 800 University Ave.

While we look forward to the start of an exciting, new chapter in our history, I would like to take some time to look back and acknowledge the hard work of our brotherhood. This past semester alone the Beta brothers, through the support of the Spectemur Agendo Foundation, put on a wide spectrum of events. These include: the Ag Tobey Art Gallery, showcasing student art from around campus; a philanthropy concert, benefitting Breast Cancer Awareness; a Japanese Cultural Symposium, featuring a sushi-making seminar under the direction of JUSA, and a taiko performance by Yamatai; and lastly, a concert and panel discussion presenting the internationally acclaimed rap group, Green Street. I would like to thank the outgoing executive board and officers for their diligence throughout the Fall semester. And I remain optimistic that the incoming board and officers will strive to exceed the undertakings of their predecessors.

Lastly, I would like to thank our alumni for their continued support. In addition to providing guidance through trying times, they have recently made numerous aesthetic and functional improvements to the Old Lady. It is through their efforts that we are able to continue, moreover excel, at our normal day to day operations in the comfort of our beautiful mansion. Their service to both the Beta Charge and national organization of Theta Delta Chi complements my belief that joining our brotherhood is a rewarding opportunity that will last a lifetime.

That being said, I would like to invite friends, family, alumni, and even unfamiliar faces to visit us this upcoming year. It is my distinct hope that you too can experience some of the joys I get from calling 800 University Avenue my home.


R. Patrick Alderson

President, 2015

Spring 2014 Update

Welcome everyone to start of a new semester, and the beginning of a new year for the Beta Charge of Theta Delta Chi. As we approach nearly a century and a half of operation at Cornell, it is my pleasure to invite brothers and friends to enjoy the coming semester within the storied walls of our mansion on the hill. I would like to thank our alumni for their ongoing support, and active involvement in the operation of our house. With the help of the Spectemur Agendo Foundation we are excited to continue to host concerts and events that give back to the community through charitable functions and educational programming.

The strength of our brotherhood has withstood the test of time, and we move into the next semester with the confidence afforded by hundreds of years of tradition and friendship. I invite all to stop by 800 University this semester and get to know the individuals that comprise our diverse brotherhood.


Samuel T.. McHugh

President, 2014